Working Capital Business Loans

If your business is suffering from a lack of working capital it won’t be long before small problems mutate into much larger ones. Working capital is absolutely essential for any business to succeed – it’s there for you to pay off invoices from suppliers and those other day to day costs of running a business. If all of your money is tied up in assets or stock and you’ve sold yourself a little too short in terms of working capital, we may be able to help. Don’t automatically assume that we can’t help because you’ve been turned down in the past for working capital business loans, because our lending practices are different to those of banks and credit unions.

Bringing levels of working capital back to where they should be

Whether you opt to receive a working capital bank loan or a merchant cash advance from us, you need to act fast to bring your working capital back to where it should be. In the majority of cases this is actually quite easy to do, the real issue is that it takes time. Since most businesses suffering from a lack of working capital have lots of assets, it’s simply a case of liquidating them.

Obviously liquidating expensive assets such as property or machinery and be quite a drawn out process, and that’s why you need to obtain working capital loans or a cash advance in the mean time to tide you over until those assets have been moved on.

Working capital business loans versus a merchant cash advance

Bank loans are obviously a very popular form of borrowing, but as the banks have tightened up their lending criteria many people are being left high and dry by them. If your bank has refused your application for a bank loan we can still help you. Our application process is short and sweet; it’s just a case of filling out our application form then waiting for us to get back to you. In most cases we’ll get back to an application in just 24 hours (Monday to Friday) – which means you don’t need to sit around waiting for the answer for weeks on end.

Don’t waste another minute applying for a working capital business loan from your bank – get in touch with us today and in less than 24 hours you could well have heard back from us with the answer that you wanted to hear.

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