Trucking Financing

Anyone involved in the trucking industry will know that obtaining trucking financing is becoming much harder than it once was. The fact is that costs are going up on a near daily basis in the trucking sector, which is meaning that more and more trucking companies need to seek finance from time to time. If you’re currently looking for trucking finance but you’ve been denied access to it by traditional lenders, make sure you fill out our short application form because there’s a good chance that we can help your business.

The costs of trucking

Trucking is an expensive business, mainly because of the reliance that trucking companies have on the price of fuel. Business owners are often left with the dilemma of alienating customers by putting prices up in line with rising fuel costs, or keeping prices the same and making less money. Sadly for a lot of trucking companies the decision that has to be made is the latter – which means retaining customers but making much less profit.

Making less profit per customer isn’t always a massive issue; especially if you can afford to scale the business up. Lower margins but high volume is always a good, sustainable business model to adopt.

There’s some hope!

Although there is a lot of doom and gloom out there, remember that a lot of trucking companies are actually doing pretty well. There will always be a demand for companies in the trucking sector; whether you’re repairing trucks or operating a haulage firm. If your business is going from strength to strength you may still want to look into our alternative trucking finance. The fact is that scaling a business up is always a good idea, especially if you’re working on a highly profitable business model. The problem for most companies is that the cost of scaling up is simply unaffordable to them – and this is where our cash advances come into play.

A business cash advance can be in your business bank account within 7 days of us receiving your application. You’ll be free to spend the money within your business as you see fit; you can use it to shore things up and settle outstanding invoices from suppliers – or you can take the money and use it to expand your business and help it grow. Remember we offer business cash advances up to $1 million – which is more than enough for most companies out there looking for trucking financing.

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