Seasonal Business Loans

There are thousands of businesses out there that rely on seasonal trade. This means that at some points in the year sales can be low or even nonexistent. Of course this is a huge issue for business owners who have bills rolling in all year round – so make sure you don’t get caught out, ensure you do some research into the different seasonal business loans available should you find yourself in need of one.

There’s no shame in seeking a seasonal business loan

There’s a certain stigma associated with seeking any kind of finance which prevents many business owners from calling for the help that they need. The simple fact is that some businesses will need a little financial help from time to time – that’s just how things go. If you find yourself in need you can either take action and get a seasonal business loan or merchant cash advance, or you can indeed bury your head in the sand.

Taking action is what is needed in the majority of cases. As long as you’re confident your business will peak up again peak season so that the money can be repaid, you should feel no shame in applying for finance. Another point well worth making is the fact that a lot of businesses take on cash advances in loans voluntarily in order to grow. The old saying goes that you need money to make money – and a cash advance is a great way to obtain the funds you need in order to promote growth within your business.

Applying for and repaying a cash advance

The application and approval process for a cash advance is very straightforward. You won’t need to fill out reams of forms like you would for a bank loan, and you won’t need to put collateral on the capital either. You definitely don’t need to have a squeaky clean credit history, and you won’t need to send in a business plan or historic tax returns for us to check through. The application process is so much more simple than applying for a bank loan.

Repaying a cash advance is done automatically – the money is taken through your credit card processing terminal. You don’t have to worry about saddling your business with a massive monthly repayment either, because we only take a pre-arranged percentage of your sales. This means that repayments fluctuate along with your sales.

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