Retail Store Financing

Although retail stores are one of the most common businesses, they’re also one of the most expensive types of business to setup and maintain. The thing that retail store owners have to understand is that the more stock they buy in, the cheaper it is. Filling shelves and sales space and be a very costly exercise for retail stores – and it’s for this reason that retail store financing may well need to be sought. Of course things like employee wages and other costs of running and maintaining such a business may also warrant an application for financing.

What we offer

We offer alternative retail store financing. Most people would assume that the best way to raise the capital that they need in order to invest in a retail store would be to approach a bank. Whilst this practice was wide spread not so long ago, it has been very well documented that banks are now becoming stricter and stricter in terms of who they’re lending money to.

If you’re on the hunt for retail store financing and getting money out of your bank is like hitting your head against a brick wall, there is an alternative. Some people may suggest that you look into using a credit card to purchase stock, or even an overdraft. The problem with these forms of borrowing is that they tend to be very expensive; and they’re more short term solutions than long term answers. If you’re still stuck for finance, why not look at a business cash advance?

We offer business cash advances of up to $1 million

A business cash advance is a long term form of borrowing. Our clients can borrow up to $1 million (certain factors permitting) from us. Some people are of the belief that cash advances are a good way to borrow small sums of cash – but they’re absolutely wrong. Business cash advances are just as good for borrowing larger sums of money that are needed in order to bring in new stock lines for a retail business. Business cash advances are also a good way to fund the expansion of your retail business; if you’ve got a couple of stores already and they’re doing well, why not scale things up and open more outlets?

In terms of retail store financing, a merchant cash advance is a very good alternative to traditional forms of borrowing such as a bank loan. Get in touch with us today to see whether or not we can help your business with the capital that you need.

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