Restaurant Financing

When it comes to restaurant financing an increasing number of business owners are being declined the funds that they need from traditional lenders such as banks. This is causing a few headaches for business owners who desperately need money in order to help pay for the day to day running costs of their business. People automatically assume that businesses that have to take on finance are poorly run; but that’s not always the case. Fragile sales are common for restaurants in a recession anyway, meaning that cash flow can be poor. Couple this with an unexpected cost for the replacement or repair of a piece of equipment and it’s easy to see how financial catastrophes can and do happen.

We offer alternative restaurant financing

We offer alternative financing; it doesn’t work like a bank loan and you won’t have to spend weeks waiting for your application to be reviewed. You won’t even have to make fixed repayments every month until the debt is cleared either. You can also put the business plan away – we won’t be needing than, and you can keep your piles of tax returns – we don’t need those either.

A business cash advance is basically just where we buy a portion of your future sales. You get the finance that you need in order to drive your business forward; and in the long term that financing is paid off as we take a small portion of your monthly sales. This works well for our clients because a lot of businesses out there are seasonal; we won’t burden you with huge repayments in those quiet months, because any repayments made will be based on your actual sales.

Running a restaurant isn’t cheap

A lot of clients do some to us because their business needs a little shoring up for one reason or another. A lot of clients also come to us because they’ve got big plans for their business; they want to scale it up or expand into other premises, or even start their own chain of restaurants. Of course this isn’t always possible using retained profits alone, and business owners have to look for ways in which they can obtain the finance they need in order to execute these plans.

The alternative restaurant financing that we offer in the form of a business cash advance can be up to $1 million. If you’ve heard enough and you’d like to speak to our team of specialists regarding obtaining finance from us, make sure you fill out the application form immediately.

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