No Fixed Payment Loans

One of the things that business owners tend to dislike about business financing is that lots of borrowing options include fixed repayments. No fix payment loans are extremely hard to come by – which can be a huge issue for businesses owners across the country. We do offer a business financing option that doesn’t involved fixed repayments, though.

Our no fixed payment option

We offer business financing through a business cash advance. A cash advance is where we basically purchase a future cut of your sales. The cut will be removed from credit card sales made until the sum has been repaid. The interesting thing is that the repayments are not made on a fixed monthly basis; payments are instead made on a percentage basis. If your business performs strongly one month you’ll pay more – if it performs weak the next month you’ll pay less, because the repayments are calculated on a percentage of the sales.

The problem with traditional borrowing such as bank loans is that those huge fixed repayments can starve a business of cash – especially businesses that suffer from seasonal sales.

The application process is easy

Our application process is really straight forward, which is more than can be said of the application processes that lenders like banks employ. The great thing about applying for a business cash advance from us is that you can have the answer one way or the other within just 24 hours. If the answer is yes there’s a chance the money that you need can be with you in just 7 days. We like to do things as quickly as possible for our customers because we know that the finance they need is urgent.

It doesn’t matter how well or how badly your business is performing – everyone should consider no fixed payment loans. The lump sums involved with bank loans are quite prohibitive for businesses and can introduce cash flow issues later down the line. Obviously this isn’t ideal – so having that breathing space with a no fixed payment form of business financing can be very beneficial.

All you need to do in order to find out if we can help you with a business cash advance of up to $1 million is to get in touch with us via the application form. As soon as we receive it, it will be assigned to a representative who will get back to you as quickly as they can.

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