No Collateral Loans

Having to put your own personal home down as collateral on a business loan can be a very scary thought. You’ll no doubt be aware of different types of lending arrangements out there that banks offer, including no collateral loans. The biggest problem with these loans is that they’re majorly inaccessible – and it’s very hard to get approved for one. Luckily there’s a viable alternative out there though, and it comes in the form of a merchant cash advance.

What’s the difference between a merchant cash advance and a no collateral loan?

Although they’re both ways in which you can borrow a large sum of money in order to take your business forward, they’re very different ways of obtaining the cash. A bank loan can be hard to get at – and once you’ve got a bank loan you’ll find yourself paying strict monthly repayments. A cash advance on the other side is much easier to get your hands on, and the repayment terms are very flexible.

Many people are familiar with banks as lending institutions, not many people are aware that there are serious alternatives however. If you’ve been searching for no collateral loans with no luck to date, you definitely need to get in touch with us to see how we can help.

How long is the application process?

The application process tends to be around 7 days – at the most. Usually we’ll respond to all applications within 24 hours to let the business owner know whether or not we can help them. We won’t ask you for a lengthy business plan so you don’t need to worry about justifying how the money will be spent once it’s issued to you.

A big part of borrowing money through a cash advance is to help shore up your business for the future. You should look into introducing growth into your business so that you can take it forward. A lot of business owners are lucky enough to have piles of cash sat around waiting for them to invest in their company’s growth – but the reality is that it’s simply not like that for everyone. Don’t be afraid to apply for a cash advance if your business is perfectly healthy – cash advances aren’t only there for businesses whose cash flow is in turmoil.

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