No Application Fee Loans

The problem with a lot of loans from traditional lenders is that they’ll levy a big application fee on it. This isn’t a problem for all business owners, but for those who are finding times to be pretty tough due to slow sales and the economic meltdown, that application fee can do a lot of financial damage. If you’ve applied for various different loans from institutions like banks but they’ve all asked that you pay an application fee, you’ll be please to know that we don’t!

We offer merchant cash advances

We offer an alternative to a bank loan – they’re called merchant cash advances. A loan and a merchant cash advance are similar in the respect that a large sum of money is loaned to you up front – but the intricacies are much different. With a bank loan you’ll have to go through a whole heap of application forms before the bank can tell you whether or not they’ll lend you the money that you need. With us all you need to do is fill out the short application form on this website.

The differences don’t end there though; because we don’t automatically reject your request if your credit history isn’t quite as good as it could be. We won’t demand that you send in a detailed business plan for our consideration. We won’t ask for historic tax returns – and we definitely won’t saddle you with a large unmanageable monthly repayment figure.

How do cash advances work?

With a cash advance we basically buy a future portion of your sales. In order to qualify for a cash advance your business needs to process credit cards, and you also need to make sure that you’re doing over $2,000 in sales. Repayments are made automatically and they’re calculated based on the sales that your company has made. It’s that simple!

No application fee loans are extremely hard to come by – and even when you think you’ve found the right one there’s still every chance that the bank or lender will burst your bubble and decline your request. We approve around 95% of finance applications that hit our desk – so why not use the application on this website to get in touch, you’ve got nothing to lose! It goes without saying we don’t charge an application fee, and there’s no-obligation with our application form either so if you change your mind a little later on, we won’t come chasing you!

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