Medical Financing

No matter how good or bad the economy looks, there will always be a demand for medical services as long as man roams the earth. If your business in the medical niche is currently suffering from a shortage of cash or a poor cash flow, we can help you. Likewise, if you run a business in the medical niche and you’re looking to scale it up in order to grow, but you’re having trouble obtaining the appropriate medical financing, make sure you get in touch with us.

We offer alternative medical financing

Traditionally business owners across all niches and sectors would obtain business financing in the form of a loan from a bank. As the economic crisis has progressed more and more banks have introduced much stricter rules when it comes to loaning out money to businesses. Consequently it has made it much harder for business owners out there to obtain the financing that they need in order to introduce growth into the business.

The medical financing that we offer comes in the form of a business cash advance. A cash advance is paid directly into your company bank account in as little as seven working days from the date that you apply. We issue cash advances of up to $1 million, and instead of paying off a large sum of that finance every month, you’ll pay back a flexible amount based on the sum that you borrow and the monthly sales that your business makes. It’s that simple.

Why our clients love us

When it comes to getting a loan from a bank, the process for applying is particularly long and drawn out. The bank will look at things like your business plan, historic tax returns, your credit history and so on. Even if those things are all in order there’s still no guarantee that they’ll write you the check that you need. We do things much differently and the process for applying for a cash advance is a whole lot easier.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, or you’re just looking for a way in which you can pay your employees because things have got a little tight, make sure you get in touch with us because we can help you. Fill out the short application form and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours. We’ll discuss your application with you and let you know whether or not we can offer the business cash advance your business badly needs.

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