Liquor Store Financing

As banks have tightened up their lending practices in recent years you may find it pretty hard to obtain liquor store financing when you need it. If you’re a business owner the last thing you want to be doing is hunting round different lenders to see who will come up with the finance that you need to keep your business going. The search is over, because we’ll more than likely be able to help you. All you need to do is fill out the short application form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to let you know whether or not we can help you.

What kind of financing do you offer?

We offer financing in the form of a business cash advance. A lot of people mistakenly believe that a cash advance tends to be a small sum of money that must be paid back immediately. This is absolutely not the case; we offer business cash advances of up to $1 million, and the timeframe for repayments is determined by the sales that your business makes.

If you’re not familiar with a business cash advance or how it works, it’s a good idea to do some reading up on them. They’re becoming an increasingly popular way of borrowing as bank loans and other forms of finance become more difficult to obtain. The only stipulations that are in place for people applying for cash advances is that they must process credit card transactions within their business, as this is how the monthly finance repayments are made.

What can the money be used for?

Clients to us with different needs; some clients need a cash advance in order to shore up a business that’s suffering from a slump in sales, or a business that has been hit with a big unexpected cost. Other businesses approach us in order to obtain the finance that they need in order to scale their operations up and ultimately grow their company. It’s totally up to you what you use the money for.

When it comes to applying for our alternative liquor store financing you won’t need to jump through endless hoops like you’d have to if applying for credit from a bank. Although we check your credit record we won’t automatically decline your application if it’s not 100% clean. We won’t ask you to submit tax returns to us, and we don’t keep you waiting on tenterhooks for weeks on end. You’ll know within just a couple of days whether or not we can finance your business.

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