High Risk Business Loans

Since the financial crash banks have become a lot stricter in their lending practices. One area which has suffered is the high risk business loans sector. In their very nature these loans are very risky for banks because there’s a very high chance that they may never get back the money they’ve lent out. Obviously if you’re on the hunt for a high risk business loan and you’ve been told “no” by the banks you’ve approached, you’ll need to look elsewhere to for business financing.

We offer business cash advances

We offer our clients business cash advances. They’re a long term borrowing solution, and we do advances up to $1 million in value. What our current and previous clients love about the advances that we offer is that they’re much easier to obtain than a bank loan – and they’re also a lot easier to pay back, too.

Typically the application process for a merchant cash advance will take just a couple of days. We’ll review your application then get back to you as quick as we can. If your application is approved you should see the money hit your account within 7 working days. We don’t ask for things like historic tax returns and we won’t automatically reject your application if your credit history is poor. There’s a really good chance that we can help you out with the credit you need; our approval rate currently lingers around the 95% mark.

Repaying a merchant cash advance

When repaying a high risk business loan you’ll probably be asked to do so in monthly installments. This may seem fine when you first acquire the loan, but if your business runs into cash flow issues again at a later point, or your business is seasonal, you may find yourself struggling to make those all important repayments. It’s so much different with a cash advance though, because you’ll only pay back a percentage of your sales each month. This means that you won’t be over burdened with huge repayments that your business hasn’t got anyway of meeting,

All in all, a business cash advance could work out a much better way to borrow as opposed to high risk business loans. Make sure you will out the short application form on our website so that one of our representatives can get back to you. Where other lenders tend to say no, we do our best to say yes!

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