Equipment Financing Loan

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, equipment costs an awful lot of money. A lot of the time equipment suppliers don’t offer any form of credit terms with their products, which means that you as a business owner will have to cough up the entire sum in one go, or go without that piece of equipment. We understand just how frustrating that can be, and that’s why we offer an equipment financing loan alternative, so you can afford to bring in that new piece of equipment as and when you need it.

How it all works

We’ll lend you the money that you need in the form of a business cash advance. It’s not like a loan; you won’t need to send us a detail business plan, tax returns or pledge your house and car as collateral. Instead you’ll be asked to fill out a very short application form, and if one of our representatives approves it, you’ll be eligible for the funds that you need.

Repayment is super easy too. You don’t need to worry about doing a manual bank transfer every month or sending us in a check. You repayments will automatically be taken off the credit card sales that your business processes. Of course this means that you’ll need credit card processing facilities within your business in order to qualify for our alternative equipment financing loan, but the fact is most businesses do anyway.

Repaying the cash advance

When it comes to repaying the cash advance it’s all very flexible. You’ll pay a percentage of your monthly sales – that’s all. You won’t be tied in to repaying a huge monthly sum that doesn’t fluctuate as and when your sales do. We think the repayment terms are very reasonable; in those busy months you’ll pay off more of your debt, and in those quieter months you’ll pay off less.

We don’t want to keep you waiting around for an answer as to whether or not we can lend your business the money that you need. So without further ado, fill out the very short application form on this website and wait for one of our representatives to get back to you. If the answer’s positive we’ll be able to get your money to you within 7 working days. You’ll never know if you don’t try – so apply today and see whether or not the financing you need is available from us.

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