Dentistry Business Financing

Running a dentistry business is not cheap by any stretch of imagination. You’ll be all too aware of the high start up costs involved, and you’ll probably be aware of those high ongoing costs too. Equipment won’t service itself, broken appliances aren’t repaired for free, and staff won’t work for nothing. Running a dentistry business requires an awful lot of fiscal discipline, as well as a lot of retain cash because the unexpected is always just around the corner.

Financing new equipment

Dentistry businesses require all kinds of fancy equipment in order to fulfill their duties. We know this, and we also know that the equipment needed is not cheap. If a piece of your equipment fails and you can’t afford to replace it due to cash flow constraints, how can you possibly offer a service to your patients? The answer is that you can’t – and you might want to look into our financing options.

We’ve worked closely with dentistry businesses in the past to lend them the money that they require in order to maintain their businesses’ position, and we’ve also worked with dentistry businesses in order to lend them the money that they need to grow and take the company forward. It doesn’t matter which bracket your business falls under, because we’re here to help you.

The application process for dentistry financing

Unlike the application for a bank loan, you won’t have to fill out stacks and stacks of paperwork. You won’t need to provide us with details of a squeaky clean credit history, and you won’t need to submit reams of tax returns and other financial documents. Our application process is much shorter than that of a traditional lender such as a bank. In fact, cash advances can often be paid into your bank within 7 working days of your application being approved, that’s how fast we work!

With a cash advance you don’t have to agree to prohibitive monthly repayments that remain the same whether your sales are strong or weak. The repayment schedule that we enforce for our clients isn’t fixed; you’ll take back as long as your business needs to pay back the cash advance because those repayments are made based on a percentage of your sales.

Don’t let financial woes get on top of you, don’t let them doubt the strength of your business or even consider closing it down. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with our alternative dentistry business financing.

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