Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance is an alternative form of lending. It’s not like a bank loan, and it’s unlike other forms of lending like an overdraft or even a credit card. A business cash advance is something that almost every business could benefit from – and we offer them up to $1 million. Anyone considering business financing should look into a business cash advance before automatically settling for a bank loan, because often the merits associated with a cash advance far outweigh the merits associated with a traditional loan.

What are the advantages of a business cash advance?

The main advantages of a business cash advance are the fact that tax returns aren’t required in order to obtain one. You don’t need to worry about having a poor credit history either, because we won’t make a decision based solely on that. We won’t ask you to start making personal guarantees and we won’t ask you to pledge your home and car as collateral. Forget about a business plan too – we won’t ask for one of them.

A business cash advance is also easier to repay for a lot of businesses because it’s all done automatically. Couple that with the fact that you don’t pay fixed monthly repayments and it’s easy to see why they’re becoming a firm favorite amongst business owners. Instead of paying off that fixed sum every month you’ll only pay a percentage of your actual sales. This makes a merchant cash advance the ideal form of financing for most businesses, none more so than seasonal businesses.

What are the requirements?

The only requirements in place for those people who wish to seek a cash advance from us are that they take credit card payments, and that they take over $2,000 per month. The reason for this is because repayments will be made automatically based on the credit card payments that your business receives. It all sounds a bit complicated but it’s not – you won’t have to worry about manually submitting repayments via check or bank transfer because we do it all for you.

If you’re tired of applying for bank loans again and again only to be told no, stop what you’re doing and fill out the short application form on this website. You’ll usually find out within 24 hours whether or not we can help you with the financing that you need. And if the answer’s yes, we’ll do our best to get the funds to you within just 7 days!

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