About Us

We're a USA based firm specializing in alternative business financing. We operate from our HQ on Wall Street, New York. We don't operate like traditional lending institutions that you may have borrowed from before – we offer business cash advances which are a slightly different way of borrowing.

Because we offer cash advances we don't require business owners to put down collateral; we don't need to see a hefty business plan, we don't require you to have a squeaky clean credit history, and we won't tie you down with huge monthly repayments that will overburden your business in the months to come.

We use a relatively new repayment system for our lending. At first we'll give you the business finance that you need; we'll then agree on an amount that you're to pay back. Remember we don't charge interest – so the amount you agree to pay back is final – whether it takes one month or two years to repay. Your repayments will be made based on your sales – we'll take a pre-agreed percentage of these sales when you bank the cash each month. You don't need to worry about manual repayments – it's all done for you!

Our business cash advances come in sums of up to $1 million – so it's clear that we can help virtually every business. Whether you're looking for a cash advance to help tide you over whilst you wait for clients to settle invoices, or you're looking for business financing in order to help you expand your business – we can help you!

Get in touch with us today to see whether or not we can offer you the finance that you need for your business.

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